Soline Chanet

Soline Chanet
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Soline Chanet  Post-doctorante (ARC fellowship)
  • Nov. 2017-present : post-doctoral fellow, lab of Jean-René Huynh.  CIRB, Collège de France, Paris (France). “Development and Morphogenesis of the germline cysts”.
  • Oct. 2012- Oct. 2017 : post-doctoral fellow, lab of Adam C. Martin. Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (USA). “ Impact of physical constraints on cells and tissues during the early development of the Drosophila embryo”.
  • Jan 2007- Sept. 2012 : doctoral (4 years) and post-doctoral (1year) studies in the lab of François Schweisguth. Department Stem Cells and Development, Institut Pasteur, Paris (France). “Control of Gastrulation and Epithelial Cell Polarity in Drosophila: role of the Bearded and neuralized genes”.